Tuesday, May 17, 2011

White is the new black!..for your nails at least!

It's somewhat surprising to spot all the bright colors on the nails of your co-workers, classmates or the celebrity's you see from a glimps of a magazine when your at the check-out stand. Well i'm surprised at least, I mean not to long ago it was a big thing to have the white tip acrylic nails.. Now everyone is going natural with color & I love it! One color in particular that's been standing out lately is, yes you've guessed it..it's WHITE!! White has always been a favorite around my polish bag, and i'm sure most of you have or have had a bottle of white polish at some point. I mean Google searches for white nails have been up 50 percent. So if your still debating on what color to paint your nails next.. Consider that white goes with everything and it's still okay since it's still before labor day! :)

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