Sunday, July 3, 2011

My dream shoes!! Christian louboutin "lady Daf"

I am very excited to be saying that I will soon be the owner of a new pair of christian louboutin shoes!! Oh yes and it is so very exciting!! It's almost as exciting as when a girl gets her first louie, or getting your first car. These shoes are truly a work of art and can make any girls dream come true just by owning a pair! The ones I decided on were the "Lady Daf" in nude. Picture above!! Now, I have know about theses famous red bottom shoes ever since I was just a little girl, my mom owned a pair and all I could think wanting my own a pair once I became old enough to wear heels. Little did I know the cost of a pair of these babies and the hard work that would have to be put into buying a pair. In my mind that would mean not paying rent for a month or a couple years of just saving up. So I chose the savings part, plus I caught a crazy good deal which means not braking the bank for once..I also chose the free shipping option free! So by the time they arrive I will have them in time too wear with my new dress to an upcoming wedding i'm attending in July.
Little things like this in life.. let's call it's a dream sure makes me smile! :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rent The Runway!!

I am so very excited that I have stumbled across this website!! I think it is an absolutely brilliant idea & I think every woman needs to check this website out! Now the last time I was this excited was when I discovered Sephora carried Nars!
So cutting to the chase; here it is it's as simple and as great as it sounds when all you have to do is love, wear, and return. You are able to browse from many pages of designer dresses, which is pretty exciting in my book, and you are able to pick any date you need the dress for. When it ships to wherever you want it, it also comes with a back-up size! All this information can be found on the website. I am truly looking forward to getting to wear my dream dress in July, plus knowing that the dress is completely insured! Gosh this reminds me so much of Cinderella in a new age, realistic kind of way, don't you think!? Well I do and to think that with all the dresses I have had sitting in my closet I have only worn a few times, I could have just rented the same dresses twice for a fraction of the cost & saving money this whole time. Men can rent tuxedo's and suites, why can't woman rent a designer dress for way cheap!? I hope you check the website out & If you decide to rent please let me send you a code so we can both receive a reward.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with renttherunway website what-so-ever my opinions are 100% my own & honest. I am just a fan. The picture is thanks to

Monday, May 23, 2011

I love painting my nails and one color I love going back to is RED!! Coke bottle red that is! I'm wearing maybelline Express Finish which is one of my favorite quick dry brands. I love looking for all different type of brands and colors to paint my nails with in between getting them done with acrylic. Having a love for reds since as long as I can remember helps me personally so if your having trouble with what to wear and how to put together your outfit for the night. Go ahead and do red nails! They match the classic red lipstick everyone looks good in & especially in that little black dress! I don't think it will ever go out of style and if someone ever says it does, who is it to say what your style is anyways! Plus you can never go wrong! 

Do you have a signature color your always going back to!?  

Lemon juice can do what!?

Has your face recently been breaking out or are the type that always seem to have something going on with your skin that even after you wash your face your still just so frustrated!?

First of all if your serious about clearing up your skin then getting into a routine of taking care of your skin is the first step. Washing your face every day is important, and a good time to wash your face is in the shower. The hot water will open up your pores so you get the chance to scrub away more dirt. When you get out of the shower then is a good time to splash cold water on your face to close up the pores and prevent any dirt or bacteria from getting in, moisturize and continue with your daily routine.

I have some solutions!

This is a wonderful, fast, simple and cheap home remedy that definitely works!! This can help remove any dead skin cells, black heads, sun spots, age spot, wrinkles, dry skin, blemishes, acne, acne scars, self tanner, freckles and basically everything you don't want on your skin..

What you will need for your mini face peel:
  • What you will need:
    Lemons or Lemon Juice
    Granulated (preferable organic) Sugar, or Brown Sugar.
    Cotton balls or Cotton rounds
  • What to do:
    Wet face with warm water to open your pores
    Soak the cotton ball with the Lemon Juice and sprinkle the sugar on top
    Scrub & buff your face clean!!
    (If it stings or bothers you skin, dilute the Lemon juice with water)
The reason that lemon juice can be so beneficial to your skin is that it contains AHA's (Alpha hydroxy acid) in it. Which is why skin care products that contain AHA's are so popular and can also be so expensive. So why not make your own and save some money?

This can even work if you've had a self tanner gone wrong, you can use this remedy to exfoliate all over your body. Lemon juice can react to sunlight so you should know that while your are exfoliating your skin, it will absorb all that it needs so be sure that when you are done you thoroughly wash the excess lemon off of your skin.    

Speaking of how wonderful Lemon juice is, and it's reaction in sunlight, did you know that Lemon Juice can actually lighten your hair!? It's true! When mixed with UV rays, it speeds up the process of having natural skin kissed hair. It doesn't matter if you have light, medium or dark hair, the lemons will work differently on both types just make sure you use 100% natural lemons. 
If you have light hair, try mixing lemon juice with chamomile flowers, and maybe some honey. This mixture may darken very pale blondes or lighten your hair if you are more of a dirty blonde or have darker hair.
If your looking for a more red highlights, mixing lemon juice with henna will give off an amazing red huge.
Just be careful doing this too much because the lemons can dry out your hair.

If life gives you lemons.. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Cell phone bling!

One of your biggest accessories is your cell phone, so why not "Bling" It out! These crystallized phone cases are everywhere & I have completely fallen in love with them. I mean even Paris Hilton has even glammed up her gadgets and crystallized then with swarovski crystals.
I love to see these phone cases becoming more popular because back in the day I would have to glue the gems on my phone myself. lol & it was always a mess! I would make trips to Michaels to buy little gems to glue on my cell phone since they make didn't they cases for phones like they do today.(This was way before the iPhone even came out)
So I was pretty happy to see these even affordable cases being offered for sale since I recently got myself a new Android phone. I knew I had to get one since my phone would be to bare without it.  The Crystallized Hello Kitty cases have been around for a while now, since it is a very popular craze in China especially the swarovski crystallized ones which will cost you a much prettier penny!
There are a variety of cases out there that will match your style and if you feel as if you want to design it yourself, then you can order your own do-it-yourself kit. Bling kits are for any style, type, or size cell phone you have. You could also order enough crystals to cover just about anything like your iPad, Laptop, or iPod.

Do it yourself kits: "Cell Phone Bling" Just search for one that can fit your phone!

Hello Kitty cases at Juicy Bling

Thanks for reading my blog, if you have a blinged out phone I would love to see it :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What's in your everyday bag!?

Whether you call is a bag, purse, organizer, briefcase or a simple clutch, do you ever wonder what other girls keep in theirs? Every girl should carry certain essential things to prepare for whatever the road of life's twists and turns may throw your way. Be ready to go out the door and do you think you have everything you may need!?

Here are some things you can consider:

  • Sunglasses & a case or pouch to put them in to protect them.
  • A snack, like a granola bar or a piece of candy to give you a sugar pick-me-up. A lot of people just opt for Gum, breath mints & tick-tac's which are always a good idea, you never know who you may run into. ;) 
  • Wallet, this is a no-brainer, to hold your money, Id, credit cards, and business cards you may need.
  • A Make-up bag, for your basics like lipstick, lip gloss, hair clips, scrunchies, mirror, (personals!), perfumes, lotions, compacts, or hand sanitizers should all go in a small bag that can fit in your purse nicely.
  • Deciding on which type of bag is going to be the most efficient for you & your lifestyle. Consider, Size, strap type, color, style..& what season we're in.
  • Ipod, & headphones if you like to use to listen to music.
  • A pill box can really come in handy if you or someone you are with needs to take something for a variety of reasons:
*Advil-You don't want to be stuck with nothing to take when a headache hits!
*Benadryl- Sudden allergic reaction to something you ate!
*Asprin- Hangover cure! Or if you or someone your around has a heart attack.
           OR if you have to carry around daily medicine.

  • If your going back to school, You should get a pencil bag to carry all your back to school supplies in. No one likes pen marks on the inside of their purse.& don't forget a calculator! Some schools don't allow cell phones. 
The side zipper pocket that are in most purses can be used for what you use the most, ie. cell phone, your favorite lip gloss, a lighter or your keys.

Another good idea is to go ahead and put all of the things you think you may need in your purse and carry it around with you for a week or so, then go back through your purse take out all the things you haven't used because you probably don't need to be carrying it around.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I just want to thank you all for subscribing & that I welcome all the input you all want to share with me & what you want me to see me review.
And goodnight ;)
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Chocolate Secrets! :)

Want a little pick me up from a dreary day you might be having!? Or maybe your just finishing up a stressful project and your feeling a bit drained? I'd like to share a secret with you that is proven to help! Some delicious goodies, like chocolate that can actually be good for you!! Well sort of, I mean you can't exactly mark my words that anything could possibly be good for you in large amounts. But chocolate has been said to be a brain pick-me-up! Research has shown that chocolate can provide natural health promoting benefits, chocolate contains substances that contain flavonios..Now flavonios have antioxidants and seem to be helping to prevent heart disease, some cancers and even help out with a nasty headache. So I will definitely be picking up chocolate more often! Now if just picking up a chocolate bar, isn't your thing here are a variety of things you can do with chocolate! Hot coco is a good old fashion way of enjoying chocolate, especially if it's raining out or you have a special someone to enjoy it with! A chocolate milkshake is a yummy treat I must say I love but don't get as often as i'd like, so I usually opt for a chocolate cappuccino which is easy to come by if your days are busy!

Today my sweet tooth just couldn't resist and I must say a yummy treat in hand made my day so much better! If you guys have any chocolate ideas of what your favorite pick me up is, share in the comments below!

White is the new black!..for your nails at least!

It's somewhat surprising to spot all the bright colors on the nails of your co-workers, classmates or the celebrity's you see from a glimps of a magazine when your at the check-out stand. Well i'm surprised at least, I mean not to long ago it was a big thing to have the white tip acrylic nails.. Now everyone is going natural with color & I love it! One color in particular that's been standing out lately is, yes you've guessed's WHITE!! White has always been a favorite around my polish bag, and i'm sure most of you have or have had a bottle of white polish at some point. I mean Google searches for white nails have been up 50 percent. So if your still debating on what color to paint your nails next.. Consider that white goes with everything and it's still okay since it's still before labor day! :)