Sunday, July 3, 2011

My dream shoes!! Christian louboutin "lady Daf"

I am very excited to be saying that I will soon be the owner of a new pair of christian louboutin shoes!! Oh yes and it is so very exciting!! It's almost as exciting as when a girl gets her first louie, or getting your first car. These shoes are truly a work of art and can make any girls dream come true just by owning a pair! The ones I decided on were the "Lady Daf" in nude. Picture above!! Now, I have know about theses famous red bottom shoes ever since I was just a little girl, my mom owned a pair and all I could think wanting my own a pair once I became old enough to wear heels. Little did I know the cost of a pair of these babies and the hard work that would have to be put into buying a pair. In my mind that would mean not paying rent for a month or a couple years of just saving up. So I chose the savings part, plus I caught a crazy good deal which means not braking the bank for once..I also chose the free shipping option free! So by the time they arrive I will have them in time too wear with my new dress to an upcoming wedding i'm attending in July.
Little things like this in life.. let's call it's a dream sure makes me smile! :)