Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chocolate Secrets! :)

Want a little pick me up from a dreary day you might be having!? Or maybe your just finishing up a stressful project and your feeling a bit drained? I'd like to share a secret with you that is proven to help! Some delicious goodies, like chocolate that can actually be good for you!! Well sort of, I mean you can't exactly mark my words that anything could possibly be good for you in large amounts. But chocolate has been said to be a brain pick-me-up! Research has shown that chocolate can provide natural health promoting benefits, chocolate contains substances that contain flavonios..Now flavonios have antioxidants and seem to be helping to prevent heart disease, some cancers and even help out with a nasty headache. So I will definitely be picking up chocolate more often! Now if just picking up a chocolate bar, isn't your thing here are a variety of things you can do with chocolate! Hot coco is a good old fashion way of enjoying chocolate, especially if it's raining out or you have a special someone to enjoy it with! A chocolate milkshake is a yummy treat I must say I love but don't get as often as i'd like, so I usually opt for a chocolate cappuccino which is easy to come by if your days are busy!

Today my sweet tooth just couldn't resist and I must say a yummy treat in hand made my day so much better! If you guys have any chocolate ideas of what your favorite pick me up is, share in the comments below!

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  1. If anyone was wondering I did end up devouring the whole 1 pound bar of chocolate I found at Target :)