Friday, May 20, 2011

Cell phone bling!

One of your biggest accessories is your cell phone, so why not "Bling" It out! These crystallized phone cases are everywhere & I have completely fallen in love with them. I mean even Paris Hilton has even glammed up her gadgets and crystallized then with swarovski crystals.
I love to see these phone cases becoming more popular because back in the day I would have to glue the gems on my phone myself. lol & it was always a mess! I would make trips to Michaels to buy little gems to glue on my cell phone since they make didn't they cases for phones like they do today.(This was way before the iPhone even came out)
So I was pretty happy to see these even affordable cases being offered for sale since I recently got myself a new Android phone. I knew I had to get one since my phone would be to bare without it.  The Crystallized Hello Kitty cases have been around for a while now, since it is a very popular craze in China especially the swarovski crystallized ones which will cost you a much prettier penny!
There are a variety of cases out there that will match your style and if you feel as if you want to design it yourself, then you can order your own do-it-yourself kit. Bling kits are for any style, type, or size cell phone you have. You could also order enough crystals to cover just about anything like your iPad, Laptop, or iPod.

Do it yourself kits: "Cell Phone Bling" Just search for one that can fit your phone!

Hello Kitty cases at Juicy Bling

Thanks for reading my blog, if you have a blinged out phone I would love to see it :)

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